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Betherchip $bec Chart, Price and Contract

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BETHERCHIP (BEC) is a token customized for casinos. Its revolutionary insight emerged from looking into the growth of one of the most impressive fields of the entertainment market. We seek to bring through technology, safety, and agility to transactions in casinos, whether they are virtual or physical, with the conviction that we will be the key element for the growth of this area in the next years! BETHERCHIP! For casinos, an answer, a solution. For users, much more safety and transparency, potentializing the services, making games more reliable and disseminating their practice.

ethereum ethereum: 0x59c033ec65e6b9c501c1ee34fb42f2575da4b517

Name: Betherchip
Symbol: bec
Network: ethereum

Total supply: 15000000
Max supply: 0

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