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Castello Coin $cast Chart, Price and Contract

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The Coin acts as a bridge between the traditional financial world of finance, the world of traditional forms of investment and traditional art, and the new world, the world of cryptocurrencies and the digital age. The resulting global recognition will ensure a high level of relevance and acceptance, and leads to strong trust. The Castello Coin also gets a strong emotional connection to the virtual market. We will develop a unique NFT ecosystem, called Castello Forum. CAST holders get the chance to support talented artists and filter the best art projects through the Castello Coin DAO. Castello Coin holders have the opportunity to support these art projects and in return receive NFT’s that are supported and made visible through the Castello Ecosystem.

ethereum ethereum: 0x3fab0bbaa03bceaf7c49e2b12877db0142be65fc

Name: Castello Coin
Symbol: cast
Network: ethereum

Total supply: 440000000
Max supply: 440000000

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