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The creation energy join international (CEJI) project is a technology project that mixes all combustible waste and reproduces energy, and aims to build an ecosystem by combining technology and blockchain to build a CEJI platform. Facilities (CEPs) that use the core technology of the CEJI project are eco-friendly facilities that do not emit greenhouse gases and reproduce energy such as oil, gas, hydrogen, and electricity by mixing and treating all combustible wastes. The core technology of the CEJI project is a technology that can simultaneously solve environmental and energy problems by producing waste treatment and energy in an eco-friendly and safe manner without greenhouse gas emissions.

ethereum ethereum: 0x189fc141854bfc6146777406d53fbc89f4e70407

Name: Ceji
Symbol: ceji
Network: ethereum

Total supply: 2000000000
Max supply: 2000000000

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ceji price,Ceji price


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