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Dosa $$dosa Chart, Price and Contract

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Dosa is a Web3 protocol that enables holders of the $Dosa token, to vote for how the Dosa treasury wallet is spent, in a function known as the “Dosa Bomb”. The Dosa Bomb is a DeFi wallet-integrated tool that entitles Dosa Fuses to vote on where the Dosa Bomb Wallet is spent. The Bomb Wallet gradually builds toward $50,000 from a tax on the transaction volume as the $Dosa token is traded. Each Dosa Bomb has 4 Contender projects that are vying to receive the $50,000 Dosa Bomb buy. Whichever Contender has the most votes when the Bomb Wallet reaches $50,000, will receive the full amount in the form of ETH swapped for their token. This buy is then claimable by the Dosa Chiefs at the time of the buy.

ethereum ethereum: 0xee2b297408063e0967096bafdcfd1278d5bf1b8a

Name: Dosa
Symbol: $dosa
Network: ethereum

Total supply: 1000000000
Max supply: 1000000000

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$dosa price,Dosa price


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