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GTraX $gtrx Chart, Price and Contract

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G-Trax was created to innovatively improve and solve the problems of severe economic inequality and wealth concentration at a time when economic globalization is accelerating. Using the advantages of blockchain such as irreversibility, transaction transparency, forgery prevention, and low transaction costs, G-Trax will solve these problems. With the existing financial settlement companies’ networks, basic global services can be secured, but for those in third countries or financial barren areas where the network cannot reach, the problem can be solved by linking the blockchain network if the transaction costs and operation are reasonably simple and convenient. Besides, G-Trax aims to lower transaction cost by establishing a blockchain based fee system in order to achieve much more competitive transaction costs compared to existing card companies and financial settlement companies.

ethereum ethereum: 0x5c1a02211072d7633465c64a1ed115d98d987394

Name: GTraX
Symbol: gtrx
Network: ethereum

Total supply: 250000000
Max supply: 0

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gtrx price,GTraX price


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