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Omega Finance $omg Chart, Price and Contract

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Omega Finance is the first of its kind to brilliantly allow anyone, anywhere, without KYC, without centralized regulation, and with nothing but their cryptocurrency wallet, to make stock buys/sells. You can buy and sell the stocks of any company listed on Omega Finance. We have a swap contract which will hold 100% of the supply of a stock in ERC-20 tokens. The price of each token then will be changed in real time from the stock markets API data pool to make sure that everything about Omega Finance Stocks are exactly that of the global stock exchange. Omega Finance allows any cryptocurrency investor to buy and sell stocks that mirror the stock exchange with the ease and access that cryptocurrency has. Imagine buying stocks like Apple, Amazon, Google, all without KYC, regulatory SEC, no brokers, and no middle men or companies. Where acessablility to the stock market and seats at the table on for the 1%, Omega Finance lets anyone sit at the table simnulating and mirroring the global stock exchange. This is the future bridge of crypto and stocks.

ethereum ethereum: 0x3d1f5e133c2988d14a0c13bdd2b58d260e74ef9a

Name: Omega Finance
Symbol: omg
Network: ethereum

Total supply: 1000000
Max supply: 1000000

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omg price,Omega Finance price


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