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Phoenix Token $phx Chart, Price and Contract

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Phoenix Finance is a DeFi platform specialised in crypto financial derivatives. Besides mining and staking opportunities, our users can trade both options and decentralised leveraged tokens. Options are traded using a pooled assets mechanism that allows for premiums to be shared and risks diversified. Decentralised leveraged tokens provide stable leverage, simplicity and do away with the usual difficulties associated with trading on margin.

ethereum ethereum: 0xaec65404ddc3af3c897ad89571d5772c1a695f22
polygon-pos polygon-pos: 0x9c6bfedc14b5c23e3900889436edca7805170f01
bsc bsc: 0xac86e5f9ba48d680516df50c72928c2ec50f3025
wanchain wanchain: 0xf17c59bf0f6326da7a8cc2ce417e4f53a26707bd

Name: Phoenix Token
Symbol: phx
Network: ethereum

Total supply: 176406168
Max supply: 176406168

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Derivatives,Polygon Ecosystem,Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem,


Phoenix Token phx Chart

Poocoin Chart

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phx price,Phoenix Token price


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