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Public Index Network $pin Chart, Price and Contract

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PIN is a proof-of-work cryptocurrency designed to index web3 metadata. PIN also exists as a wrapped token on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon. Users and developers can “pin” metadata, permanently and immutably storing it on the network for public use. Pins can then be retrieved and read by any PIN-based application. When combined with its supporting metadata library, the Open Index Protocol (“OIP”), PIN provides a new standard for publishing, indexing, and monetizing any digital content. A robust development community is actively using PIN to create and index immutable links that will help to serve as the infrastructure for web3.

ethereum ethereum: 0xc1f976b91217e240885536af8b63bc8b5269a9be
bsc bsc: 0x3b79a28264fc52c7b4cea90558aa0b162f7faf57

Name: Public Index Network
Symbol: pin
Network: ethereum

Total supply: 160000000
Max supply: 160000000

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Public Index Network pin Chart

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pin price,Public Index Network price


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