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QChain QDT $qdt Chart, Price and Contract

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QChain has a developed system of smart contracts that describes (formalizes) any event in human life, from the purchase and sale of goods and services, accounting for logistic events, and ending with copyright tracking and interaction with legal entities, as well as a number of self-executing transactions (smart contracts) in any area of human activity. QChain is a full-fledged blockchain platform capable of operating in both private and public mode for government, commercial and private activities. This is a platform that can be used both for working with thin clients and for more powerful processors, base stations, as well as the latest electronic and computer technologies, including quantum computers. The capabilities of smart contracts allow you to create not a one-dimensional blockchain, but a 4-dimensional one. In practice, this allows you to conclude a deal between several participants at once (up to 10 deals), which significantly expands the scope of this network.

ethereum ethereum: 0x4e432a62733a7ee38ad2e16b3cc0731457ea5b55

Name: QChain QDT
Symbol: qdt
Network: ethereum

Total supply: 2700000000
Max supply: 2700000000

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qdt price,QChain QDT price


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