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Soulsaver $soul Chart, Price and Contract

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Soulsaver is a P2E game ecosystem established with NFT as the parameter. P2E game Soulsaver that Soulsaver Project Team developed is a blockchain-based idle strategic simulation RPG inspired by the existing online game Ghost Online. The project team has combined idle strategic simulation genre P2E, which is optimized for P2E, to the IP of Ghost Online as the base of development of Soulsaver. With this, the team intends to develop a blockchain-based ecosystem that services popular P2E games that anyone can easily and conveniently enjoy it.

ethereum ethereum: 0x992d339532a9c42f1b0e59a57e95f38da38c66f6

Name: Soulsaver
Symbol: soul
Network: ethereum

Total supply: 1000000000
Max supply: 10000000000

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soul price,Soulsaver price


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