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TradeStars $tsx Chart, Price and Contract

TradeStars is a Fantasy Sports Game powered by blockchain technology. Connects a DeFi “trading” layer with a DFS “gaming” layer in a play-to-earn model. Users Trade fantasy stocks that represent real-life athlete’s performances, Compete against each other on different types of DFS contests, and Earn monetary and digital rewards. TSX is the native utility token that is used for: – Ingame staking rewards . – Used for governance votes to determine how product resources are allocated.

ethereum ethereum: 0x734c90044a0ba31b3f2e640c10dc5d3540499bfd
bsc bsc: 0x270388e0ca29cfd7c7e73903d9d933a23d1bab39

Name: TradeStars
Symbol: tsx
Network: ethereum

Total supply: 48000000
Max supply: 0

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TradeStars tsx Chart

Poocoin Chart

tsx price,TradeStars price


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