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Wallphy $wallphy Chart, Price and Contract

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Wallphy exists for one simple and necessary purpose: to help individuals research novel micro-cap crypto projects using methods that have not previously been publicly available. The blockchain is a magnificent machine that stores and records all transaction data for every single swap, transfer, and change. Until now, if you wanted to investigate the behaviors of top wallet holders, you needed a big excel spreadsheet and a tremendous amount of time. By the time research is completed, you have missed the window where having the information was most valuable. Wallphy is a dAPP that allows users to perform research and analysis on newly launched ERC20 tokens. The crypto analysis market is full of tools built for the technology focused user, not the average consumer. Wallphy allows for average consumers to see inside the holder base of a given token and with simple to understand visualizations make determinations about the underlying holders. Questions that could only be answered ex post facto can now be solved in real time, before anything that harms the public has taken place. The methods used by criminal developers are simple, but due to complexity in visualizing block chain transactions it’s often hard to spot until after something bad has occurred. Wallphy solves that issue.

ethereum ethereum: 0x51e06c3468c230be0aeaeac44cd7be5dd7fed4d9

Name: Wallphy
Symbol: wallphy
Network: ethereum

Total supply: 1000000000000000
Max supply: 1000000000000000

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wallphy price,Wallphy price


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