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Xi Token $xi Chart, Price and Contract

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The XI Protocol implements a Decentralized Supercomputer through Cascade Computing for Eventually Correct Metaoracles. By implementing sequential anti-sybil and computing phases with XI staking and oracle commit-reveal schema, the architecture outsources multi-agent distributed consensus. Applications of the XI Protocol include utility for purchasing time on satellite advertising and utility as rewards for solutions to open mathematical problems. The XI Protocol intends to establish an interplanetary decentralized platform for providing financial incentives to outsourced forecasting of the truth and participate in new economic models for questions and answers.

ethereum ethereum: 0x295b42684f90c77da7ea46336001010f2791ec8c

Name: Xi Token
Symbol: xi
Network: ethereum

Total supply: 1000000000
Max supply: 0

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xi price,Xi Token price


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