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Dante Finance is a community-oriented project based on the Fantom network. Our core token, Dante, is algorithmically pegged to Tomb and we have plans to build an ecosystem around it to give it utility. Our short-term roadmap includes the release of Dante Inferno inspired NFTs whose utility is to share the protocol’s revenues as we grow. As a strategy to support the Dante token, we will deploy our own auto-compounder vaults, the fees of which will be destined to our DAO fund and given out as rewards to our community members that have put in staking our NFTs. Our fundamental vision as a project is for the community to take first place, and for this purpose we have in mind to release a fully-fledged DAO to allow our members to have a front and centre role in deciding how our protocol evolves.

fantom fantom: 0x255861b569d44df3e113b6ca090a1122046e6f89

Name: Grail
Symbol: grail
Network: fantom

Total supply: 60667
Max supply: 70000

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Fantom Ecosystem,


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