Kelvin $kelvin Chart, Price and Contract

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Solar Protocol is an innovation protocol, with a strong business model, in-demand utility, and a sustainable approach to tokenomics. Our business model is built around revenue share and multiple income streams; our dev team offers our skills and expertise to project leaders and protocols, and returns part of the profits to you, the investor. We want a better DeFi where you as an investor can put your money into a business that is working for you, and where project leads can get the help and support they need without having to gamble on unreliable Fiverr devs. Solar has stability, utility, and a strong business model at its core. With an innovative approach to nodes (more on that later) and a sustainable revenue share model, we return value to our investors and bring much needed services to DeFi. Did we mention we were generating revenue before the presale even went live? Profitable before launch? Bullish.

fantom fantom: 0x08d70a47d3f28bbf755ae050a783844b40ae5761

Name: Kelvin
Symbol: kelvin
Network: fantom

Total supply: 1000000
Max supply: 1000000

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kelvin price,Kelvin price


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