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rainSPIRIT is a liquid wrapper of inSPIRIT, the governance token of SpiritSwap’s protocol (DEX). While inSPIRIT offers staking rewards and voting power to its holder, it is non-transferable and users must lock their SPIRIT token (SpiritSwap’s native protocol token) for an extended period of time to acquire it. rainSPIRIT offers users a transferable version of inSPIRIT that can be swapped back into SPIRIT at any time via liquidity pools. rainSPIRIT is minted by depositing SPIRIT, which gets locked away into inSPIRIT perpetually. The rewards generated for locking the SPIRIT perpetually are returned to rainSPIRIT holders, in addition to the rewards accumulated as a result of inSPIRIT’s governance power. rainSPIRIT is an example of a winSPIRIT model – a concept created by SpiritSwap itself (read here: – and is similar to counterparts such as binSPIRIT, linSPIRIT, and tinSPIRIT (all currently listed on CoinGecko).

fantom fantom: 0xf9c6e3c123f0494a4447100bd7dbd536f43cc33a

Name: rainSPIRIT
Symbol: rainspirit
Network: fantom

Total supply: 40465822
Max supply: 0

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rainspirit price,rainSPIRIT price


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