Summit DeFi $summit Chart, Price and Contract

Summit DeFi is a liquidity farm which ads a gamified element to Yield – such that you can risk that yield to multiply it in a luck based game represented by totems. For example – at the Oasis tier there are two totems, meaning you have a 50/50 chance of winning against those who have backed the other totem. The money deposited into Summit Finance is pass-through staked into farms to build yield which is returned to users in an “”Expedition”” at the end of every week (also in a risk based game). The value we add is these two elements – adding a bit of fun to the regular farm and providing yield back through the pass through mechanism. .

fantom fantom: 0x8f9bccb6dd999148da1808ac290f2274b13d7994

Name: Summit DeFi
Symbol: summit
Network: fantom

Total supply: 55502
Max supply: 0

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summit price,Summit DeFi price


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