Tadpole Token $tad Chart, Price and Contract

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“Tadpole is a new token created by members of the Frog Nation community, TADPOLE is meant to take things further as we enter the NFT and Web3 gaming ecosystem on Fantom Using funds generated from the buying of Tadpole token, holders will be rewarded with passive yields in the form of FROG token dividends (the store of value for our ecosystem), sent directly to their wallets. This in turn provides yields in wMEMO through the tokenomics of FROG – with up to 70,000% APY. We provide investors passive and automated exposure to the greatest yields in the market through the magic of $TIME”

fantom fantom: 0x5bc9a61ee5202d3248a55be2994a9511863211f4

Name: Tadpole Token
Symbol: tad
Network: fantom

Total supply: 1000000000000000
Max supply: 0

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Fantom Ecosystem,


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tad price,Tadpole Token price


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