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SaucerSwap is a fork of Uniswap v2 that leverages the Hedera Smart Contract Service (HSCS) to include Solidity smart contract integration with the Hedera Token Service (HTS). These smart contracts implement an automated market maker (AMM) protocol, which facilitates swaps of native and cross-chain tokens within decentralized liquidity pools. SaucerSwap serves as both an onboarding ramp for HTS projects and endpoint for bridged liquidity, offering a full-suite of DeFi services, including, but not limited to liquidity providing, yield farming, single-sided staking and DAO-based governance.

hedera-hashgraph hedera-hashgraph: 0.0.731861

Name: SaucerSwap
Symbol: sauce
Network: hedera-hashgraph

Total supply: 239974691
Max supply: 1000000000

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sauce price,SaucerSwap price


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