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A Guide To Transfer Assets from BSC to Avalanche

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Hello HoneyBeez,

HoneyFarm team is all busy with the Avalanche Network launch. We should make sure that HoneyBeez know the right way to transfer funds from BSC to Avalanche to enjoy fresh sweetness in the new network

Here’s the guide to transfer your assets from BSC to Avalanche.

What is Avalanche C-Chain?

Avalanche consists of X-Chain, P-Chain and C-Chain. Simply, X-Chain is same as BEP-2 and C-Chain (Contract Chain) is same as BEP-20, which is EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) equivalent and where smart contract works on.

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DAPPs runs on C-Chain so you should choose it when transferring assets

Here’s some more info for those who want to know more (TL;DR)

The most simplest way to transfer assets from BSC to Avalanche is using centralized exchanges (CEX) especially Binance. Binance supports withdraw AVAX to Avalanche C-Chain but it’s currently suspended for some reason. Therefore, let’s start with creating Avalanche’s official web wallet.

Avalanche Wallet

In Avalanche network, AVAX is used as gas fee like as ETH or BNB so we need at least a few it. Basic way to transfer AVAX to AVAX network is to withdraw AVAX to its mainnet from CEX. Please follow below steps.

1. Connect to https://wallet.avax.network/
2. Click ‘Create New Wallet’

1636039073 740 A Guide To Transfer Assets from BSC to Avalanche

3. Click ‘Generate Key Pharase’

1636039073 109 A Guide To Transfer Assets from BSC to Avalanche

4. Save the seed phrase somewhere safe and click the box next to ‘I wrote down my key phrase in a secure location.’ and click ‘ACCESS WALLET’
* Below is just a temporary wallet so it’s used as an example but never tell your seed phrase/secret key to someone else, even to your grandma.

1636039074 209 A Guide To Transfer Assets from BSC to Avalanche

5. Fill the empty slots and click ‘Verify’.

1636039074 861 A Guide To Transfer Assets from BSC to Avalanche

6. When you see ‘ Congratulations!’, click ‘ACCESS WALLET’.

1636039074 945 A Guide To Transfer Assets from BSC to Avalanche

Now you have an Avalanche wallet.
The address next to the QR code under ‘Derived Wallet Address’ is your Avalanche X-Chain (main chain) address.
This address will change after every deposit but previous addresses can be used for deposit always too.

1636039075 844 A Guide To Transfer Assets from BSC to Avalanche

Then, let’s transfer AVAX to Avalanche X-Chain.
There are two ways to transfer; using Binance and through Binance Bridge.

Let’s firstly see how to use Binance.

Put your Avalanche X-Chain address, select network, put amount to send and click ‘Withdrawal’

① On AVAX withdrawal menu, select ‘Avalanche’ = X-Chain on the Network
② It was available to select C-Chain but now it’s suspended

1636039077 864 A Guide To Transfer Assets from BSC to Avalanche

Using Binance Bridge

Go to Binance Bridge and select AVAX as asset and BEP20 BSC for From network, AVAX network as To network. Likely, it would be direct and simple if ‘AVAX C-Chain Network’ is not suspended.

1636039077 268 A Guide To Transfer Assets from BSC to Avalanche

Go back to AVAX Webwallet and check if the AVAX is correctly transferred. Then,

① Click ‘Cross Chain’
② Type in the AVAX quantity
③ Click Confirm
④ One thing to consider is, this webwallet disappears after closing the explorer so seed phrases is needed to restore the wallet. However, it can be saved if you click ‘Save Account’

1636039078 34 A Guide To Transfer Assets from BSC to Avalanche

Adding Avalanche C-Chain Network at Metamask

Next step is to add Avalanche C-Chain network on Metamask, to harvest on Avalanche HoneyBee.

1. Go to Chainlist.org
2. Connect your wallet
3. Type ‘Avalanche’ on search network
4. Click ‘Add to Metamask’

That’s it!
Easy, ain’t it?

Now you can use Avalanche C-Chain.

Transfer Assets to Avalanche C-Chain

There are basically 3 ways to send your assets to Avalanche C-Chain.

1. Using Centralized Exchange

One of the easiest ways is to buy AVAX from a CEX and withdraw it.

Currently, AVAX is tradable on Binance, Gateio, Coinbase, Huobi, Kucoin and so on, and is withdrawable to C-Chain directly except from Huobi.
(However, Binance suspended withdraw to C-Chain for some reason now.)

1636039079 240 A Guide To Transfer Assets from BSC to Avalanche

2. Avalanche Official Bridge

2nd is to use Avalanche Official Bridge at https://bridge.avax.network/.

Unfortunately, it supports transferring assets from ETH → Avalanche only.
For some reason, AVAX is not supported but ETH, USDT, USDC, WBTC and surprisingly, BUSD can be transferred.

1636039079 457 A Guide To Transfer Assets from BSC to Avalanche

There’s AVAX airdrop event for a transfer amount over $75, but please be aware that there will be ETH gas fee + bridge fee charged.

3. 3rd Party Bridges

Other than that, there are lots of 3rd party bridges such as cBridge or AnyBridge. Please DYOR to use them since there are fees, lack of liquidity or sometimes exploits happen.

BEE is listed on AnyBridge and can be transferred from BSC to Avalanche C-Chain directly. A guide to how to transfer it will be posted later on.

Expanding out of the cradle is an adventure to all of us.
Adventure is always fearful but interesting and exciting.
“Avalanche” is overwhelming but HoneyBee can fly over the mountain!

Let’s fly together!!

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