Fandom $fdm Chart, Price and Contract

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##What is Fandom Token? Fandom is a blockchain project trying to redefine the way of communication between creators and fans. It aims to reward fans who contribute to the creator’s project so as to make him/her more famous. FDM is the utility token for Fandom Launchpad and Fantrie platform. * Acquire Trie (used for purchasing contents in Fantrie) * Trade NFTs * Support projects through Fandom Launchpad * Content Boosting * Advertise You can earn FDM tokens by : * Trading NFTs * Social Activity * Content Control * Advertisement ## How many FDM Coins are there in circulation? 2.5 billion tokens were generated DEC 2021. Tokens are emitted according to the emission schedule. In 2022, 500 million tokens are scheduled to be in circulation.

klay-token klay-token: 0xb1834e4e773a180168f2292e036ca8e17f86196f

Name: Fandom
Symbol: fdm
Network: klay-token

Total supply: 121013174
Max supply: 2500000000

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fdm price,Fandom price


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