Galaxia $gxa Chart, Price and Contract

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GALAXIA(GXA) aims to GALAXIA builds a virtuous cycle ecosystem to provide a sustainable web 3.0 blockchain platform environment by providing services at low cost and implementing fast and transparent processes. GALAXIA provides users with integrated platform operation, online/offline expansion of the real economy, and transparent processing through blockchain technology for a virtuous cycle ecosystem. In addition, through financial services to be added in the future, GALAXIA will provide scalability and high interoperability to provide user convenience.

klay-token klay-token: 0xa80e96cceb1419f9bd9f1c67f7978f51b534a11b

Name: Galaxia
Symbol: gxa
Network: klay-token

Total supply: 10000000000
Max supply: 7562451458

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gxa price,Galaxia price


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