SuperWalk $grnd Chart, Price and Contract

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SuperWalk team has a vision that we make building active and healthy habits easier around the world. By operating community-based running app ‘Proground’ for 9 months, SuperWalk team carried out R&D on walking pattern recognition, GPS tracking and Vehicle Detection. In SuperWalk ecosystem, walkers and runners buy NFT shoes to start Pro Mode, earn $GRND by moving at the targeted speed and upgrade them to get more rewards. In addition, non-crypto users can access SuperWalk ecosystem by just downloading and earning a small amount of $WALK in Basic Mode. SuperWalk has a vision that holders use their NFT shoes on ZEPETO metaverse with 300 million users and get real sneakers from Kream, which is the fastest growing sneakers resell platform in East Asia. By integrating in-app exercise data, metaverse communities and tangible shoes rewards, SuperWalk will create a unique fitness ecosystem around the world.

klay-token klay-token: 0x84f8c3c8d6ee30a559d73ec570d574f671e82647

Name: SuperWalk
Symbol: grnd
Network: klay-token

Total supply: 1000000000
Max supply: 1000000000

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grnd price,SuperWalk price


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