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2 hours of memes but they're actually funny

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  1. I'm not dead, neither is crypto, have fun with that but I'm sticking out of it for now

  2. 1:36

    I swear, if you combine their braincells it would still be less than the amount of hair Jeff besos has in his head

  3. These videos are great when everyone in your family but you gets covid and you cant leave the house because of proxy to a covid carrier

  4. I love me some full length memes on a 2 hour compilation. Lemma grab my lean for a second this about to get lit

  5. More like 2 hours of memes but it's actually 2 hours osntead of 1 hour and high amount of minutes

  6. I’m watching this while waiting for my package that was supposed to be at my house at 3:00 now is 6:54 and still no package 😔

  7. 39:21
    Who tf makes tea like that?! I've lived in America for my whole life and never seen anyone make tea like that. That's vile!

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