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Big Eyes Coin Takes Meme Ing Against Tamadoge To The Next Level

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Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a new meme coin in the crypto market following the success of one of its predecessor meme coins Dogecoin (DOGE). Meme coins are cryptocurrencies based on internet jokes known as ‘memes’, often using a mascot for their memes. These tokens usually run on either Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchain. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) and the Tamadoge (TAMA) coin run on the Ethereum blockchain. Big Eyes is a meme coin on a mission to create a community-based cryptocurrency whilst also living up to its ‘meme’ name on Twitter. The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a meme coin new to the cryptocurrency market. The coin bases its currency around ‘cuteness’ and aims to be a community-owned currency, with 80% of its tokens being available to the public via pre-sale. They further care for the community by ensuring their tokens are 100% secure through Solidiity Finance. Alongside their care for their human community, they also stretch their hand out to the animal community by putting aside 5% of their tokens to donate to ocean-saving charities. This aim will also help their Big Eyes Coin (BIG) community by joining the fight to combat climate change and save our Earth. Tamadoge (TAMA) is a meme coin that powers a play-to-earn game that Tamagotchi inspired. The Tamadoge coin runs on the Ethereum blockchain and can be used to play the game where players can travel up the leaderboard by gaining doge points. However, only the one with the most doge points at the end will earn their winnings at the end of the month. Tamadoge has only committed to selling 50% of their tokens via pre-sale compared to Big Eyes Coin’s (BIG) 80%. Tamadoge would probably prefer to leave more available for future events than have more in circulation for the community. Big Eyes Coin and Tamadoge have recently engaged in Twitter banter. The Big Eyes Coin Twitter team was attempting to live up to its meme-coin name and make memes of its competitors, which then turned into a hilarious back and forth with the Big Eyes team not holding back and giving those seeing it play out some great memes. After Carl Dawkins called Big Eyes Coin (BIG) a scam that copied Tamdoge, the Big Eyes Coin Twitter team retaliated with an array of funny responses. Big Eyes Coin followed Carl Dawkins’s insult with this sassy image:The Big Eyes Coin team photoshopped Carl Dawkins to look like he was hugging their mascot, in a show of irony insinuating he loved Big Eyes Coin (BIG). This irony wasn’t lost on Tamadoge’s Head of Growth as he responded to the funny, innocent meme in an aggressive joke:Tamadoge’s Head of Growth claimed he wasn’t hugging the mascot but strangling it instead. However, the Big Eyes Coin (BIG) team weren’t deterred by the slight aggression and decided to produce another funny meme comparing the two crypto coins, showing that Big Eyes Coin knows how to have fun and won’t be deterred by Tamadoge’s behaviour. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) clearly knows the meaning of meme-ing and has lived up to its mem coin name on Twitter. Big Eyes Coin’s pre-sale is live now, and we have a unique 5% code for free additional tokens on top of your purchase. ADD ON CODE: BIGSEPT22Find Out More About Big Eyes Coin Here:
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