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Eyes was sick of being cute, seen as meek and week, just because he was a cat with big eyes. Then he realised, cute is a billion-dollar industry, so he hatched a plan to cash in, and save the fish of the oceans, after all a cats gotta eat.

Big Eyes is a cat of the world. Born in Washington DC he was adopted by a Rocket Scientist couple who worked at NASA. They were inseparable, and it was from them that he learned the fundamentals of space engineering. At just three years of age, however, a tragic accident involving dark matter and a YouTube experiment left him alone, for the very first time.

In search of himself Big Eye hitched a lift on a yacht and circumnavigated the world, learning the ways of the sea, the importance of nature and how to be at one through yoga. During a storm, during an eclipse, Big Eyes was thrown overboard, once again finding himself alone, and in a dark place. He would surely have drowned, had he not been picked up by a humpback whale, who bravely took him to Japan.

Big Eyes spent a year immersing himself in Japanese culture, discovering a natural talent in the art of Sushi and practicing Zazen. It was during a meditation that he finally came to terms with his cuteness, realising it as a strength, not a weakness, and that humans needed guidance on how to save the oceans

NFT collections that will hit the top ten bringing joy to our community and value for the token. Plus, any profit from NFT events will go into a burn or not to burn vote

big eye coin is a meme coin based on ethereum and it is in stage 2 with collection of 2.7M sell as of now.
big eyes NFT is coming soon
big eyes can be bought using eth,bnb,usdt etc.
big eyes is most hyped meme coin of 2022
big eyes can kill shiba inu and dogecoin

this video is not a financial advice please do your own research before investing



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