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Coin locker baby animation meme // Pregame Kokichi Ouma and Ingame Kokichi Ouma (!!Drv3 spoilers!!)

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YouTube video

this is my first animation meme lol dont expect much, i got lazy in the process of making this animation
im still in the process of learning ok
i really didnt want to put a watermark but i just put it to lower the chances of it getting stolen :’)
i hate the watermark
im just paranoid and i have trust issues
also i cant put my own thumbnails lmao

APPS: Flipaclip, to animate
Capcut, to put a watermark AND to edit the audio

FPS: 10

TIME TAKEN: 2-4 months, I can’t exactly remember how many months it took but somewhere in between( shit took too long because of school and other personal stuff)

i dont know if im proud or embarrassed of this
also idk if its just me, but the quality looks like shit
im scared to post this video
ugh its so cringe brtrrrgytr
yeah i dont know what else to put here but uh hope you enjoy the video


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  1. I look amazing!!!!! you are amazing at drawing :3
    also bc I have quite literally never done this, first ;3
    NAGITO: of course -_-

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