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feg token price prediction 🦍🦍🦍 Is It More Than A Memecoin?

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feg token price prediction 🦍🦍🦍 Is It More Than A Memecoin?

In this video we want to check price prediction of feg token
Our feg coin price prediction depends on the price breaking out of the descending triangle. feg token has been trading inside this pattern since making the highs of $0.00000001186 in November 2021.

After a successful launch last year, the feg coin became one of the most hyped memecoins.
Although the feg coin started as a memecoin, the team appears to be active on the development side. feg Crypto has already rolled out products like FEGEX, Token Template, feg Radio and feg Tracker.
Before moving on to our feg coin price prediction, let’s look at its token mechanics. feg coin started as a fork of Reflect Finance and aims to combine the features of Reflect and Shiba Inu.

espite generating massive gains for its investors last year feg price chart isn’t looking quite bullish.
In such a scenario, the feg coin price prediction of $0.00000001852 seems to be very likely in 2022.

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  1. Good video, no one yet on youtube is talking enough about the plans for that new graphene wallet, could you look into trying to explain what's it really is?

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