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Welcome to Today’s episode of Genshin Impact Memes!

Here you will find today’s funniest Genshin Impact content that I Originally Edited and Carefully Voiced Over to Maximise your Enterteinment.
Watch until the end to find out if your comment from the last video got featured!
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► Memes sauce: r/Genshin_Memepact/
► BackGround Music: Dizzy by Joakim Karud

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  1. People in china are litterly dying because of a covid wave why are people crying about it

  2. #GIM
    Traveller Panics, as they realise that Ayato has the same cooking power as Hu tao.
    Hu Tao and Ayato form the Suspicious cooks squad.
    Everyone else runs

  3. #gim
    Mona/Keqing/QiqiBanner :you know the rules and—

    New banner 5 star: ShUt Up ShUt UpShUt Up

    Standard wish: say goodbyeee

  4. Me:Genshin impact should add a trade feature where u can trade characters +artifacts
    Mihoyo:HAHAHAHA add more waifus and like 400 more days of ayaka rerun declining requests go brrrrr

  5. #GIM

    Ayato´s banner: cool i will get him

    Me: "Loses pity" ^^

    Also me: okay lets get Yelan!^^

    H0y0verse: Ayaka´s banner —————–240 days increased…. ^^ ——————————…Oh sh*t

  6. Pls I relate to the person "amuletrebel" so bad cause I lost her 50/50

  7. #GIM

    Can you stop being the only meme
    Looks at ayaka having the longest banner

  8. Real reason there isn’t Version 2.7 yet: They are still repairing the damages Klee and Yoimiya made once the Irodori festival ended #GIM

  9. #GIM
    hoyoverse:*extending ayakas banner to 240 days*
    ayaka: i will never leave you tabibito san

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