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The little old lady is a trading strategy designed by The Rational Investor Brian Beemish. And made famous by DavinciJ15 please subscribe to their channels. I only have my own experience to add to it.


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  1. Would be great if i could buy it, i can see it going up but not able to buy…

  2. Bring back the spoken videos!!! Even if they’re short! 🙏🏼 Also I cannot find this chart on TradingView in my phone, only see the DINGER/WETH chart and it doesn’t look anything like this one & values are totally different. Even the coingecko chart looks different. How in the world does one find this DINGER/USD chart???

  3. I prefer the spoken videos so much more relaxing.. now this kind of videos are allover youtube and making people nervous and make wrong decisions.. sorry for the honest feedback.. but I am a big fan of your videos and thought I had to let you know honestly.

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