Open Circuit by Df0rDie ALL COINS 7 Geometry Dash

Open Circuit by Df0rDie [ALL COINS] (7*) – Geometry Dash 2.11 (ID: 81854468)

YouTube video

Coin Guide: (also yes coin guide because this is my 19th 100% video I guess…)
1st coin: Hold at 0:01 and keep holding until releasing to jump at 0:03. Grab the key and go through the level normally until 0:05 where there will be a yellow ring. Click the yellow ring once you’ve changed into gravity mode.
2nd coin: At 0:13 release the wave to go down and get the 2nd coin then hold to go back up.
3rd coin: At 0:47 spam 20 times. (If you’re on computer and your clicking reflexes aren’t fast enough, I recommend spamming using both the up arrow and spacebar, just really any pair of buttons that make you comfortable.)
epic gamer tags: roblox,funny moments,geometry dash,geometry dash 2.11,geometry dash memes,gd memes,memes,robtop memes,good quality,gd meme video,demon,upload,robtop,60 fps,new
quote of the century (i will change it in 100 years:) im a loser at geometry dash


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