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Sanshu Inu – Meme Coin. NFTs. Gaming. Manga? Yes Dog Inspired Yet Again.

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Sanshu Inu. Again another Inu token. This one claims that they are more into the art than anything else. They even have a manga for those super nerds out there. Gaming and NFTs seems to be their forte here, which I think is quite decent. However it looks like their game is still not launched yet. Their NFT collection has just been released though. If you ask me, there are just too many of such tokens out there. Kind of hard to differentiate between them anymore. Even as a reviewer, the names can start to get confusing as they are very similar. Sucks to be me huh?

Please note that I am not encouraging anyone to go buy meme tokens, especially now when the market is so saturated. Of course they might be some gems out there but I think they are getting less and less common as developers start to run out of ideas. You have been warned.

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Note: I am not a financial advisor. Please do your own research before you invest in anything.

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