Meme Coin

This is still the best way to farm coins in Dead Ahead – Update 3.6.2

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This is the ORIGINAL GAME, it’s not a hacked version.

Hey folks? Hope so!


This is still the easiest way to get it.
Do you have any other? If you have, leave it in the comments.

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  1. Is it still worth using it? I mean, 1 coin ain't that much. I just came back to this game and the game refunded my upgrade items to 1400 cash, i bought him and im not sure if i should buy swat pack or glenn skin pack

  2. How much is the payday unit so I can buy it like is there a way to get him without the sell I willing to pay the full cost just to buy all the unit I miss in this game

  3. How do you farm the purple stuff??? The amount it takes to upgrade just one unit is ridiculous..

  4. Too bad i dont have enough in-game cash to buy him cuz i literally have 45 cash, you guys are lucky 🙁
    If you guys want to ask what did i spend, well i use it to craft red key so i'll have more items or more coins
    Also theres another way to grind coins but you may need some good units, and many keys, so theres a supply run that has 90-95 coins in it, after you completed the supply run you can double it using the red key to get 205-230 coins

  5. Oh right why do i see alot more people using the hillbilly instead of the marine, im not exactly sure for the reason as they're both the same except hillybilly level 13 skill makes him faster and marine has a knife(also knockback on crits)

    Oh and would it work to use the red barrell instead to kill austins once they hit their max money

  6. Unfortunately im at 479 moneys and Austin just went off sale…

    Well at least the new reward thing is generous
    (5 for small and 15? For piggy bank)

  7. Why don’t you use the coin multiplier butcher set for double coin? Or does it not really work?

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