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What Are Meme Coins? Dogecoin | Cryptocurrency 101 | Behind the Coin Episode 3

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From a silly meme to the most popular meme coin of 2022! In this video, we take a look at what exactly Dogecoin is and how it skyrocketed in both price and popularity!

0:00 The Origins of Dogecoin
0:40 What is Dogecoin?
1:06 Dogecoin’s supply
1:12 Mining
1:25 Supply, Demand, and Price
1:48 Exchanges
1:52 Social Media
2:24 Doge Community
2:56 Competitors
3:07 Price Action

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One Comment

  1. I love coins with real utility and potentials to pump very high, DGC, SYS, etc are some of the ones I am invested in, i'm even at the moment making some DGC coins from their airdrop event on MEXC, which they organized ahead of their listing on MEXC.

    Would rather hold these real gems than DOGE, which only pumps when Elon says something bullish about it

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