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  1. I hold high respect for your work mate because you’re pointing people in the right direction. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt recently is to remain calm especially when it comes to investment in Cryptocurrency . If Bitcoin can sustain these recent highs, it means we're getting a period of some relief rallies across, markets would be good. The crypto market is unstable and you can’t easily tell if it’s going bullish or bearish. While myself and colleagues are trading without fear of making losses but profits, others are being patient for the price to skyrocket, well It all depends on the pattern you follow. I was able to amass a lot of profits 11.5 btc! when i started at 4.7btc by implementing daily trade signals and strategy from Connor Jordan…

  2. I believe that shiba will be the next bitcoin this is what I believe

  3. While bitcoin's wild price moves may seem random, they are often driven by the same fundamental catalysts as in traditional markets. Some claim that Bitcoin is immune to shocks affecting global finance; it's a hedge against things like inflation and a safe bet against the tides of uncertainty. Movements within traditional finance can make or break the price of bitcoin because they determine how easy it is for financial epicenters like Wall Street to invest in bitcoin… With all of this in mind, it is important to trade with the correct strategy when entering the the cryptography. world.Craig Ian has been doing a great job reviewing all the charts, trades and techniques on BTC which has improved my portfolio growth to 10 BTC lately.

  4. Crypto currency and NFTS will outsmart the banking system in the nearest future serving as a global fiat. Already making over 85% profit from my current investment

  5. The secret of the future is hidden in your daily routine. Crypto and forex trading is the future. It is way better than any online investment if only you learn to work with Experts/ professionals💯

  6. Shiba's problem is unDoxx Cartoon Kat CEO, too much supply, Bone and Leash has more value than the actual Shiba inu token. As of right now, you should be promoting Bone . Tell investors to average cost every week, that is the only good use for the Swap right now.

  7. Shiba to the moon gr from Holland (Amsterdam) I love shiba end never sell oll of my shiba ❤🧡💛💚💙💯💯🦾🦾🦾

  8. Without utility there is no value. Utility drives price high and creates value

  9. I'm no longer waiting for the stimulus check because I earn $22,000 every 14-16 day's recently👆👆👆

    The Elites also like to fake pump Doge,Ether,Shib and Bitcoin cause they own a majority of it. You have to have nearly 1.4 trillion Market Cap just to double your money so if you have 100 to invest the market cap has to get around 1.4 trillion to make a 100 didnt realize how people dont know this lol.Also the Elites own nearly 75 percent of Bitcoin so as it gradually gos up they will short it to enrich themselves.They have to have normal investors to double their Billions.I prefer Zill.

  11. I've just been seeing videos daily of Shib utility, but what is it, and its applicability is not understood, people are in it for a certain thing, i.e. price pump. Sadly that isnt happening despite Robinhood listing!!!

  12. Let the people who don’t care about utility sell. Who cares. They obviously don’t understand. I’m in for the long haul.

  13. I understand the importance of utility that's needed I understand that there's a process that shib has to undergo before is to reach a certain level or percentage and also understand the frustration that many are having with the token because it seems as if we hear one thing that I help push the token to another level then we hear another thing and it's another thing first is the metaverse now that's shiberian it's like all these things keep coming out of nowhere you guys are just bringing and making up stuff left and right that needs to happen before it reaches one cent it's like every week you or every month you guys come out with some new something that the token has to go through to reach a different level so my thing is stop giving out false narratives stop the lying stop the bait clicking because when people see your channels on YouTube you usually have this big click thing that it pulls people in and then when we get in there and we hear your b***** that's basically what people are frustrated with it's you YouTube channel holders who choose to discuss the tokens but you're full of you're just feeling people up with BS constantly it's obvious you guys have made your money you guys are the devs as far as I'm concerned you guys are the ones who take off the top who keep the bottom from reaching or achieving anything you guys are you got holders who's been holding since August and you talk about well they've been taking off the top you're one of those people so don't just blame it on other stop lying all you guys are f**** liars f*** your patreons that's just another way for people to pay y'all to get what some insight and you don't have no insight at all y'all don't know s*** so read this comment and if you feel the need read it to the public because I'm quite sure there's a lot of people who will agree with me you guys scream about buying metaverse and buying into subarium we're in an inflation people don't have money to throw into here left and right people just don't so all this new developments and utilities and stuff that you guys consistently come up with new stuff people don't have the money for that so be honest be honest and tell people look until these eyes are dotted these teens are crossed the token is more likely won't do anything for the next year and a half to two years be honest I'm not getting into the metaverse f*** the metaverse and all the rest of that stuff Shiba Inu follows under erythem Bitcoin damn well right now both of those are in the s***** so make up your mind be honest what's the thing that back Shiba Inu the most is it the Bitcoin or is it the metaverse or the shibarian because a lot of people are not interested in the metaverse they're just not this look like some matrix s***

  14. Am long term holders. Not selling until can change my financial future.

  15. Ab suno 2022 ke end tak 1 paisa bhi nhi jane wala or bilkul bhi nhi jane wala likh kr lelo chahe jitni Good news aay partnership ho jay kisi compney ke sath tieup hojay bs vidoe bana bankr log bewkoof bana rhe hai or kich nhi 10 saal ka time lagega 10 paisa jane me Sare coin sale krdo sabke sab ye paisa kahi or laga do

  16. Despite the economic fluctuation, I’m so excited I’ve been earning $45,000 from my $10,000 investment everyday 10days.

  17. $32,000 profit sent to my portfolio each week, Mrs Angela Regina Mende is amazing

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