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  1. This is a great catch, I’ll check out your suggested coins . For me actually, Even with the bear market, $TAKE is also during excellently well on the chart. A must have in your portfolio. It offers sticky liquidity, zero slippage, real yield and up to 200x leverage ✅

  2. I consider Crypton from the Utopia ecosystem to be a good purchase. A very successful project. Anonymity is guaranteed.

  3. Hey there! It would be super interesting if you could have a look at MDB – They have just released a Token called Infinity

    It's a hyper-deflationary Token with low taxes. They launched less than 24 hours ago and it has already tripled the price.

    The chart of MDB – the main Token – speaks for itself for the past few months eventhough we're in a bearmarket. A video about them would be amazing!

  4. Merhaba YouTube'da videonuzu gördüm ve beğendim, çok profesyonelce anlatıyorsunuz, videoyu bizim için yayınlayabilirsiniz, tanıtımını ben ödeyeceğim

  5. Nice content💯👍👍… I'm truly glad I decided to participated in this space. Since last year Melissa Stewart has helped me made cleared my huge debt and mortgage.

  6. Great Platform, Very Motivational, Inspirational, and Educational. 🤯 I will definitely apply some of these principles to grow my investment and businesses, thanks a man..🤛🤛☺️


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    – Stake Infinity to earn passive income in Xenia

    – Backed by the Huge Infinity Fund invested into huge partners such as EMP and Freeway

    – Hold and benefit from price appreciation thanks to a hyper-deflationary model with burns happening weekly

    Do not miss your chance to get in early!

  8. Things haven't been good the past few years and I don't think so 🤔 Investing in crypto is the only way to survive if there's no money how can you make an investment?

  9. In spite of the fluctuation in crypto, I still thank you for the level-headed financial advice. I started crypto investment with $4,345 and since following you for few weeks now, I’ve gotten $18,539 in my portfolio

    Thanks so much Mrs. Katherine Stewart

  10. You need to look at steakhut, people or going crazy on it, it is the hidden gem, just look how much the price is going up, and lot of new things is on the why. Make a new video on it

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  14. Know what's hilarious? Almost every video is the same and yet the people act like wow good content and stuff but what about the fact that Amazons AMZ22G goes nuts? Huh? The people care about that not the every-day pump dump bla

  15. You will only be mad if you miss Amazons AMZ22G sale telling you now and you will come back to this comment either way

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  17. If you disapprove the government why don't you just pick fate in your own hands? For example Amazons AMZ22G will do just fine

  18. This week is hell and a bloodbath can happen but why don't we discuss the fact that Amazon also released their AMZ22G in it? Always two sides of a coin

  19. Let's discuss the AMZ22G guys. This is failproof and barely any asset can be labelled "failproof" at all.

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