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24H Club first 24 hour art exhibition ENS metaverse Nft clock (100x potential)

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24h club is the first 24 hour art exhibition ens time clock with 1440 unique NFT possible combinations (00h00 – 23h59). ENS clock …


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  1. I blindly minted 3 of these because of some random tweet afew days ago. Now I’m so happy I did! Not selling any of them. I’ll rent them out as a space. One day someone will buy a billboard in NYC or London with the time on it.

  2. Oh Damn! As I'm watching this vid, the domain for 12h00 just got bought up on OS for 5eth!! 🤯
    Buckle Up guys!🚀

  3. Explained very well. Who knows there may be plenty of utility for this

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