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$5 Trillion Metaverse Imminent (Must Act NOW)

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In this episode of Good Morning Metaverse, Justin and Bryan discuss why Metaverse spending is set to total $5 trillion in 2030, why Arizona State University is filing for Metaverse Patents, and what to expect at the NFT.NYC event next week!

Every week we bring you the hottest Metaverse news to keep you informed on how the space is developing. Drop a comment below with your favorite Metaverse project and maybe we’ll cover it in a future video!

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:36 Metaverse Spending to $5 Trillion
1:31 ASU Files for Metaverse Patents
2:35 NFT.NYC Kickoff
3:10 Outro

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  1. As the metaverse concept is starting to incorporate Web3 technology enabled through blockchain technology, the future metaverse would be something very similar to our real world in many aspects and even replace some real-world activities

  2. Woah, that huge now?? I'm hoping these projects don't get rugpulled tho. 😅 Speaking of Metaverse, what do you think about Terra Virtua & Cardano's partnership? Think it's gonna hit the bullish charts?

  3. You guys are still at it?! “5 trillion metaverse imminent! must act now!” “This coin will 1000x!” Literally nothing you guys say happens. You guys are shills and scammers looking to milk everyone. You plagiarize articles, artwork, TA from others on top of it! You all are shameless. please no one believe this garbage or pay these ppl anything.

  4. NYC, better wear a bulletproof vest. And have paid security. I'm not kidding guys. New York City, is as bad if not worse than it was in the seventies. Eyes in the back of your head.

  5. Hey ben!! Let me just say that your job is amazing and I follow you with such admiration… Could you do an update video of how to save your coins, different types of wallets and which ones you use in your main coins? It's something that I really would like to know more… Thanks and keep the good work💪💪

  6. Meta verse is just a buzzword. Anytime I see metaverse I stay away from it. Crypto Gaming still hasn’t hit its hay day yet. Gala is a good bet though.

  7. The NFT NYC tickets are absolutely stupidly exspensive even at the original price of $500-$600. $850 for "late registration" ticket. I couldnt even find any type of free events to go and see to learn more. Ive never spent $500 let alone almost a thousand for a ticket to an event. What a fucking cash grab. There should be daily tickets at least.

  8. So much hype on this metaverse. It’s not really inviting though as you have to have a VR 😒 I’d rather buy PS5 or an Xbox than a VR

  9. So much hype on this metaverse. It’s not really inviting though as you have to have a VR 😒 I’d rather buy PS5 or an Xbox than a VR

  10. Everybody should of got behind Elon Musk and backed Dogecoin instead of being stubborn to stay driving the model-t. Too many cryptos, nfts, money too spread out.

  11. do they realize that 'the metaverse' is just a program or application and there will be so many metaverses? stop calling it 'the' metaverse cuz there will be so many metaverses (its like games)

  12. I cannot lead the class action suit against Celsius as I was pushing
    this ponzi to my followers with Celsius affiliate links – Bitboy

  13. U guys, as common people, have common people loosing money with ur bull shit. Meta verse —- reality? Don't get it fools.

  14. When is the Charles hoskinson interview being released?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?!?

  15. Metaverse will go first to zero imminent, than we will see what happening after that.
    Please stop selling hopeium to inexperienced crypto newbies only for adscence money.

  16. I don't think these guys live on earth anymore lol .. everything tanked except these wankers

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