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  1. I checked it too. it is on private sale that will end at the end of the month. I will buy tomorrow.

  2. well done, excellent sound, perfect content, thanks for AFFYN project review! This is exactly what I needed.

  3. Getting ready for live Alpha event on September 30th! And what a journey from Zero to One!!!

  4. Did you notice that when users pay with $FYN Affyn provides special benefits and privileges? Isn’t this amazing

  5. looking forward to play and earn in this metaverse, so excited, go Affyn, go Affynians! Zero to One!!!

  6. Playing games without initial fee and earning money for free!!! Waiting for the online event, thanks!

  7. Probably the most advanced metaverse and the most creative play and earn games! Great job Affyn! To the top of the world with this platform!!!

  8. You have to add DeepSpace DPS to the list. Quality graphics, space theme, fun, great community and economy 👌

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