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Amio Talio Exposed PART 2! Paradox METAVERSE CEO Sending threats to me. Paradox crypto scam exposed

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  1. Call him back with the camera in hand and literally just say “say hi to the internet fuckface” 😂 jokes aside i’m hoping he’s seriously just all talk and im hoping for your safety, keep your chin high you absolute legend

  2. Keep something on you/doors locked/boys that can back you on speed dial. The guys not okay, and he has money. I'm not trying to scare you, I just don't want anything happening to you, you seem a nice kid

  3. Sat patiently waiting for moist to get his teeth into this. Dudes going to tear amio scamio a fresh one 😭😂

  4. "you think you'll get away with the things you ARE GOING to get away with!?" smart guy right there.

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