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There are many different approaches to the Metaverse. My favorite is an Augmented Reality (AR) / Mixed Reality (MR) solution that works with location-based services.
In this private project I wanted to try out use cases where you interact with your crypto wallet in such an environment.

Location-Based Donations:
You can donate to a project directly on site. The donation is thus tied to the project and the commissioning is started immediately through a smart contract as soon as the required sum has been collected.

Location-Based Entertainment:
Games and tours that integrate with the real world. In this way, information about a place can be conveyed in a playful way and participants can collect special NFTs.

This is just a prototype for testing and far from a fully functional app. The MetaMask wallet is connected to the app, but the transactions are only mocks due to SDK issues with MetaMask. Unfortunately, since the right AR headset is not yet available, I use a MagiMask headset with an iPhone as a display to test my use cases. Because of the better video quality, I used a gimbal for this video.

3D Models:

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Thanks to Alexander Bock for the video support.


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  1. Tolle Use Cases – bin gespannt, wie das noch weiter geht. Das ist ja erst der Anfang

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