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BOSON PROTOCOL – 100X or SCAM 😍 Best Metaverse Crypto 🚀 Review & Price Prediction

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Find out why Boson Protocol crypto one of the best metaverse crypto with 100X potential in this in-depth review and 2022 price prediction.

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Problems Boson Fixes
1:35 What is Boson Protocol
2:10 Road Map
3:10 Decentralized Ecommerce
5:14 Metaverse Commerce
5:47 Boson Portal
7:11 Partnerships
7:50 Boson Token
8:28 Boson Protocol DAO
8:53 Price & Price Prediction
10:01 Outro

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Cryptocurrency is extremely volatile. Investing and trading in cryptocurrencies is very risky, as anything can happen at any given time.

Most of my crypto portfolio is Bitcoin and Ethereum, but I hold many cryptocurrencies, possibly the one discussed in this video.

When looking at real world problems within the Web3 ecosystem, there are two huge problems with ecommerce as we know it today – data and assets.

In Web3, Smart Contracts are completely disconnected with real world applications. This problem is an oracle problem, where smart contracts are unable to trust data sources. This is where oracles like ChainLink come in, which is one of Boson’s biggest partnerships.

Boson fixes the 2nd problem related to real world assets by allowing smart contracts to connect with the real world to assure the exchange of digital assets, which are NFTs, with real world assets, which is the physical asset, like a pair of shoes.

This creates a trustful transaction that both the buyer and seller acknowledge because all details are embedded within the blockchain. The transaction cannot be altered, it can be verified by anyone, and its recorded.

This is the foundation of the Boson Protocol.

Without a protocol like Boson, the medium of exchange for digital assets with real world assets would be a trustless transaction. They’re looking to connect the universe with the metaverse, creating a sort of trust bridge, which is all facilitated through smart contracts and NFTs.

Boson Protocol is looking to become the Amazon of the metaverse, and the whole idea is being dubbed the decentralized autonomous commerce. Built for creators, communities and merchants, Boson enables the seamless exchange of digital assets for not just physical products, but services, experiences, and events also.

This can be anything from shoes to buying a car, maybe tickets to Disney, concert tickets, or a gift certificate to the spa for your wife for Valentine’s Day.

In short, they’re looking to bring a revolutionary change to ecommerce by leveraging blockchain technology, which is a huge problem with web3 as we know it right now.

Boson Protocol Road Map
Boson is not only looking to connect with businesses from within the metaverse, like within Decentraland, but they’re also looking to connect with businesses on their existing web 2.0 platforms, on ecommerce channels they’re already operating on. This will allow brands to leverage the metaverse from their existing websites, Facebook page, or Instagram feed.

The team is already looking to specifically target both Shopify and WooCommerce, which are two of the largest ecommerce platforms.

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  1. I was actually doubting him at fïrst, but this is me here today having my funds retrieved due to his kindness and willingness to work

  2. I was actually doubting him at fïrst, but this is me here today having my funds retrieved due to his kindness and willingness to work

  3. Thank you very much for helpïng me out when I needed help. You probably helped more than you did, Thank you dude you’re the bes

  4. Thank you very much for helpïng me out when I needed help. You probably helped more than you did, Thank you dude you’re the bes

  5. I believe this is one of the if not the biggest metaverse unknown germ

    A 10 x could happen within days once the information comes out durng the next bull
    A 100x is putting it at only $6 billion mark cap this could happen within 2 years if big retailers use this protocol . I believe long term even 300x

    Thanks for highlighting this project

  6. Thank you for your content! Would you give a look at TRIAS? Another micro cap gem with huge potential

  7. Thanks for video again! Best video for boson I think! One thing I like more about boson is their TEAM they are not teenagers! Not like most other projects in crypto market so they looking at this market in real business eyes so that’s make me more trust for boson protocol

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