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"CBS Reports" explores the early adopters of the metaverse

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A new CBS Reports documentary explores the lives of some of the early adopters of the metaverse and their path to building wealth. Crypto journalist and author Laura Shin joins CBS News with more on opportunities in the virtual world.

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  1. People need to be realistic. It's an ever changing world. 20 years ago it was all about chat rooms. 10 years ago we got the video chats like Skype. and now we have technology where we can just own our own virtual land and have fun and be free and enjoy life….. and people act like it's going to fail?? Lol

    Shutup and YOLO or just miss out and jump on board later. Where is this technology going? Lol jp Morgan is in the metaverse. So weird, but still….. where do you people think this is going……..away? Gone? No! Wake up!

  2. I think I'm just too old to get this stuff; my first thought is "how do I get laid?", and it occurred to me that these folks don't care about stuff like sex.

  3. But that "parcel" of UNreal estate doesn't exist. If the internet goes down, where is your parcel? Sure, you can buy in and play at buying and selling, but in the long run, what you are buying and selling does not exist. It's like the emperor's new clothes.
    Long story short…if you have some spare shekels laying around, by all means, buy in. Make all the REAL money you can. And take it and run, because…beanie babies.

  4. Eh… Metaverse is still meh at the moment. Maybe 5 years from now but so far most of these worlds are garbage looking. Edit: I am interested in some blockchain games, but metaverse is not one of them.

  5. Another opportunity to manipulate and exploit people, getting them to spend their money on things that don't actually exist so that they can feel like they own something.

    Also, another path to rapidly inflating the economy so that a few people can get ridiculously rich off of it, while the majority of people will have a harder time affording basic necessities,

  6. Metaverse is cool until you get an eviction notice on your door… welcome back to the REAL UNIVERSE

  7. This is another revolution of internet web3.0 metaverse closing gaps with augmentation reality – sjsrana

  8. Maya originally denoted the creative power with which “devas” could make one believe in what turns out to be a “mundane illusion”.

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