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Decentraland Metaverse's Pitiful Response To Internet Pointing Out Abysmal Active User Numbers

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  1. I worked in a relatively small mobile gamedev company in 2018 as an analyst. We had around 10 employees total (including CEO and semi-permanent contractors), the salaries were 500-2000 USD net (decent for Russia back then) and our game had around 20,000 MAU. 60k MAU is enough to sustain a medium-sized company with market evaluation in a few millions USD (considering the percentage of paying users and average revenue per paying user is consistent with mobile gaming). The company of that size wouldn't normally even make the news, unless there is some scandal involved. So even by the company's account there's nothing to brag about (and their account is almost guaranteed to be the best number they could present – that's just what you do as an analyst when you gather data for an outside report).

  2. Oh god NPCs are assets from Synty. They are affordable and very cool-looking low-poly models very popular among indie game devs who can't afford to hire artists

    They are usually only used during alphas

  3. The presentational quality in these metaverses seems so bad that it's obvious that they are just cardboard props for money-making schemes.

  4. Linden Labs has been doing this user economy RMT metaverse crap SUCCESSFULLY via Second Life for what…20 years? How are companies like Meta fucking this up so badly?

  5. good screw meta zuck, he deleted my life account of photos, stories with family and people treasured, now passed away.. all for me sharing a video from Dr J Campbell talking about the cov!d drug anomalies. I hope meta fails, no right to delete and not even allow me access to my personal data. fail, fall, loose. good. ill do more, and anything to help bring it down

  6. I use Polymerization to fuse my Failing Metaverse with Failing NFTs to summon : Fail-a-Verse πŸ˜€

  7. Doesn't seem like you understood the math yourself. If the monthly unique active users number is 56k, the daily unique active users number can be anything between 1.8k and 56k, it can't be calculated, it needs to be measured. Meta is saying this number is 8k, I don't find that too hard to believe. And no, they are not counting the same person twice during that same day.

    I don't care for Meta, but when you do your math wrong, you're just ridiculing yourself.

  8. 500 users? That's amazing! Incredible! Fantastic! You could damned near fill a small school hall with those kinds of numbers 🀣

  9. These developers need to play an MMO. Any MMORPG really, GW2… LA… FF14… SWOTOR… ESO… WoW… even NW… Good lord. They are so clueless as to what we expect these days. As someone who enjoys FF14 and started playing GW2, I can say that MMOs have been giving us metas since the 90s or whatever. If they think they're gonna suck me in with crap that gives artistic low poly games a bad name when I can play a catboi SMNer in FF14 and live my best life in the Empyreum… >.>; They got another think coming.

  10. "Metaverse" is just a complex word for a "massive" (sometimes not that massive, apparently) multiplayer game with no objectives, no context, no plot, no content (unless you count advertisement and NFTs as content), low quality graphics, and they want to force you to use VR to access it, even if its less convenient and much more expensive that just having it on a screen. Is not surprising these metaverses have very few active players.

  11. The companies just want the data your VR headset feeds them about your body. The user experience is secondary.

  12. Makes me wonder if these type of mega companies release under-performing products like this on purpose- I mean they had the funding to literally blow the lid off of a interactive social VR world game (Ready Player One Style). They could have partnered with tech companies for suits, goggles, whatever to make it the greatest. But instead…it's like this was made by people who don't actually play video games. Although of course, the programmers have to program what they are told, so their creative input is limited as I assume the suits, as usual make the decisions.

  13. "you cant do anything with virtual land"
    > Anshe Chung becomes a literal multi-millionare by running a virtual real estate company in second life…. and then gets attacked by flying penises

  14. When the metaverse looks like the holodeck in Star Treck maybe I will check it out but that is probably 100 years away at best. In the meantime it is a bad cartoon – just embarrassing. Do I want to buy a pixelated yacht that does nothing for $60,000 – NOT. What a joke…

  15. feels like a indie MMORPG whit like a team of 5 peaple no budget (especially in advertisement) and a game play that can best be described as a wow clone have a better active user score on a 1 server containing 1 zone whit 10 basic quests about 5 levels out of 60 whit a player cap of 200.
    (in wow terms this MMO is Mulgore(tauren starting zone) level of content at best.)
    that also in is super early alpha.

  16. The Metaverse is like the original OnLive cloud game streaming service, except that good "metaverse-like" platforms already exist, like VRChat

  17. This is what happens when you're a slimy thief that doesn't have the creativity to flourish. He stole FB, he stole this metaverse idea. He is just a sociopath that can't figure out how ppl think.

  18. I figure kids will spend money on it just like they do in any game that allows them to spend real money on assets in games. I've always found that to be retarded but some people spend a tenth of a million dollars to be an unbeatable character on wow.. non gamers will almost always laugh at gamers so it's a normal day for this guy.

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