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Digital Real Estate Will Change Everything (Tykes NFT)

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How digital real estate will change real estate forever…

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Today’s video is a clip of my speech given at the Fund Launch Live event regarding crypto and blockchains, and how these will all alter the traditional real estate routine we know today.

I believe that NFT’s will change traditional real estate the most, and in today’s video I explain why…

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  1. Cool video Ryan, thanks for sharing. With the housing market becoming much more liquid like you're describing, do you also see it becoming much more volatile, like the other crypto markets?

  2. This is the first time I’ve ever understood what an NFT is. The veil of confusion has been lifted lol. The future of NFTs sounds really cool!

  3. Agree- liquidity will flood the market when investors realize they don’t have to lock up their money for 3,4,5 years or more. Loving the Tyke community already, thanks Ryan!

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