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DUMPING Terra Luna In the Metaverse Be Like

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Trading In Metaverse! In this episode of Lord Wojak, Wojak escapes to the metaverse to trade because he is sick of being dumped in real life. Watch what happens as he meets Chad.

Welcome to Lord Wojak! On this channel, I create meme story videos pertaining to Doomer, Boomer, Chad and Bogdanoff. If you are new to the world of crypto meme, Bogdanoff is the bad person who is always out to ruin the life of Wojak.

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  1. Forgot to take profits again! He had 50000 and got greedy! Great video 🤙

  2. I'm starting to think all these Wojak channels are Open-AI generated, and the AI is trying to tell us something

  3. i like how the idiot NEVER takes out his initial money out and just ride free lol

  4. If Wojak were smart he would have cashed out the $40k, paid back Zoomer $10k and bought the dips when Bog dumped his ass on the remaining $10k lol

  5. Chad is the worst guy ever… Gets treated like shit still work for the same person could've earned millions and got away but no I wanna be an a**hole

  6. My girlfriend is lily 😍 💕
    My friends are so silly😄😄
    And i love beer in belly 🍺 🍻

    Who else heard this👆👆😂😂

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