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Engineering, Cryptocurrency, NFT | Anshul Rustaggi | Metaverse Simplified |The Ranveer Show हिंदी 85

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नमस्ते दोस्तों!
The Ranveer Show हिंदी के 85th Episode में आप सभी का स्वागत हैं। आज के Podcast में हमारे साथ जुड़ चुके हैं Anshul Rustaggi जी, जो Totality Corporation और Zion Verse के Founder है। ये IIT और IIM से पढ़ कर Corporate World में जीत हासिल की है।

इस Podcast में हम बात करेंगे ढ़ेर सारी बातें Web 1.0 Vs Web 2.0 Vs Web 3.0, Internet, Metaverse Is The Future, Dark Web Hindi, Digitalization और Future Of India के बारे में।

साथ ही साथ हम बात करेंगे Career Opportunities, Consequences Of Covid-19 On Web 2.0, Basic Meaning Of NFTs, Web 3.0 Kya Hai, Blockchain Technology in Hindi, और Digital World के बारे में और भी ढ़ेर सारी बातें।

मैं आशा करता हूँ कि ये Video आप सभी Viewers को पसंद आएगा। खास तौर पर उन सभी को जिन्हें Web 3.0 और Metaverse के बारे में जानने में Interest है।

Governments Involvement In Web 3.0, Startups Ki Duniya, Gaming Industry, Future Generation Technology, India In Next 10 Years और Is MBA Worth It जैसी चीज़ों के बारे में हम Discuss करेंगे इस Hindi Podcast में सिर्फ और सिर्फ आपके Favourite BeerBiceps Hindi Channel Ranveer Allahbadia पर।

00:00 : Introduction
03:00 : Startup Space In India
04:26 : Web 3.0 क्या होता है?
10:49 : Startups VS Jobs
16:51 : MBA करने के फायदे
21:25 : Jobs In Abroad
26:38 : Feedbacks लेने की Habit
32:12 : India का Future
35:12 : Digital दुनिया
37:41 : India में NFTs का Craze
40:30 : India In Next 5 Years
46:59 : Knowledge Is Power

#metaverse #nft

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  1. Please talk about the students who are in the schools and what should do about nfts , crypto , web 3.0 etc. From where should they learn , would finance stream be worth it in upcoming tech world!!

  2. Since Metaverse is going to be the future, can you do a podcast from an investor perspective on the type of Metaverse/web3 companies one should invest in

  3. anshul sir's voice is somewhere like tanmay bhat sir idk or kisi ko bi lga kya🙂

  4. I know this basics but get someone who can give insight about what really happening and how all this things are getting implemented and why are they so important because I know web 3 is good for finance, gaming, metaverse is great concept but what else and even share how people are pivoting in this field all are telling basic which is damm important but more insight would be great, cheers 👍

  5. i entirely related to the fact when ranveer said "2-3 mahine meine bhi jee ki preparation ki thi n realised merese itni mehnat nhi hogi" cause i am a neet aspirant 🥲 n abb regret horha hai drop kyun liya 🙃

  6. Very nice episode Ranveer. Very informative for a mediocre like me in NFT, META, Blockchain.. etc. After hearing about Meta and how it's used, I feel human bodies will start going through Mutations in next couple of decades. Those who cannot get adjusted, will perish. No wonder if someday real WARS are played on META and with blockchain technology the result of war gets recorded and it's tamper proof. What could go wrong with META, Blockchain technology? I feel global warming will increase rapidly due to high energy consumption, life expectancy will reduce due to reduced physical activates. India is already diabetes capital of the world + it will become Capitals for few more. Do not mistake me, I am not against any technology change but that should considerable value to Human beings and other species on Earth and not just adding more comfort + addictions.

  7. At 1:55 when ranveer said asi🧨 information free mae honi chaiye it remember me of "If anything is for free then You are the product" ⭐⭐

  8. Mai do din se ek video dhund raha tha jo mujhe NFTs ke baare mai bata sake and finally ranveer Bhai le aaye

  9. I have learnt lot of things from you Ranveer sir so I'm excited how you will enter in Web 3 so that main thoda acche se observe karke seekh saku aap se Thankyou

  10. Iam an NFT collector
    Open sea profile – Jdad
    NFTS are just a waste of money and pure gambling No use in real life
    Invest in such projects that bring change in anyone's life, buy stocks or good crypto projects that have future. Happy investing ❤️🙏

  11. Great podcast!!! Abhijit chavda sir se bhi thoda knowledge pour karwa dijiye around metaverse…..

  12. यार guys मेने सुना है ग़रीब के साथ हमेशा भगवान जी होते है or कभी कभी भगवान जी 1 दिन में ही क़िस्मत बदल देते है 😭or guys उस दिन की बहुत ज़्यादा ज़रूरत है अभी मेरे को 😕आज मेरी ज़िंदगी बदल दो plz😢मेरे vlog सच में अच्छे है मेने मेहनत की है आपको अच्छा feel होगा मेरे को support करके🙁अब GOD खुद तो आयेंगे नहीं आपके through मेरे को प्यार देंगे ऐसा मुझे लगता है🙂always believes in god’s 😊

  13. 33:40 but political system is also wrong in india 🇮🇳 🤔 the person in political system not thing about our country only think about own profit but usa political system not like this persons 😰🤮🤮🤢🤠

  14. If u want to know meta verse as a basic .. see gta 5 rp..
    What happens in it is people live a type of real life in the game .. they own cars houses, do work,meet people etc etc..

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