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Facebook spent way too much money on the Metaverse****
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In this video Alexander Lorenzo talks about the met averse. If you want to learn how much Facebook spent to create the metaverse this is the video for you. The meteverse is a virtual reality world that Facebook hopes to capture with its investments in crypto. If you’re looking for metaverse news this is the video for you.

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  1. I am uninterested in the meta verse I prefer life and the planet 🌍 to each his own with their time here in the 3D plane. I am interested the FS course and changing my life to help myself and more people.

  2. Yeah and since they are not seeing any return of investments they did a massiva layoff afecting 11 thousand people

  3. Hahaha 👏 😆 we already are baby ! bio-synthetic cybernetics is the current simulation we are in.. Toys building toys building toys

  4. 25 billion is a quarter trillion? I’m not a mathematician but something doesn’t seem right

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