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Global Blockchain Convention – Livestream – Day 1

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Join us for the first of three days of livestream content from the Global Blockchain Convention.


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  1. Tell Craig to take move his 1.1m bitcoins into BSV already… yeah yeah tulip trust…If BSV is more advanced then the rest of the coins then the value should be way higher

  2. I'm sorry but who ever is behind this is fraud I am Satoshi nakamoto creator of block chain bitcoin BSV and who became the cryptocurrency market with 40% of bitcoin in cryptocurrency market I am who will be placing the operation system no else's If any one move forward I will bring down what I created because I can. I am Miguel angel mejia and it's time for the world to know the true Satoshi nakamoto as I still just the devices used to build what I created.

  3. Since I found out you guys are BlooperSV supporters I just dislike videos for fun 😂

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