How This Metaverse Coin Could Make You 1000x MIRANDUS

How This Metaverse Coin Could Make You 1000x | MIRANDUS Crypto MTRM Early Investor Guide 2022!

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Materium is a magical element that abounds in Mirandus. Materium can exist in many forms – today we’re talking about it’s ERC-20 $MTRM form and what potential market cap it might be able to ascend to over the coming years. 🔔 Sub for more videos:

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0:00 Intro – Mirandus game and MTRM overview
1:56 Last Mirandus MMO playtest reaction
4:20 MTRM = Only earnable in game
5:09 MTRM could go down short term
6:22 Price overview and market cap of MTRM
9:28 Is MTRM worth a LOT or a LITTLE?
9:48 Presupposition: Web3 games are the future
11:23 Presupposition 2: Gala is leader in web3 gaming
14:19 MTRM might NEVER become fully diluted
16:12 GALA twice as valuable as MTRM fully diluted
16:31 Will GALA always be biggest coin in ecosystem?
18:27 Is buying MTRM at 14 cents good?
19:44 MY PLAN

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👋 My name’s Jake, AKA the On Chain Gamer, I’m a 25 year old who loves science fiction, investing, crypto and gaming… I feel so lucky to be able to share my passion thru my videos! Ready Player One is one of my favorite books!

❓ On Chain Gaming means gaming on the blockchain where gamers have real ownership! Traditional games keep ownership of all in game assets & have the right to termite items from your account and prohibit their resale. That’s NOT player ownership, but Blockchain games give REAL ownership of in game items and currency to players! NFT assets on the Ethereum blockchain mean in game items can be stored in crypto wallets, used in game or sold to other gamers for REAL MONEY! Crypto games enable real PLAY TO EARN game economies because wealth in blockchain games translates to wealth in real life! Blockchain gaming merges the real economy and virtual game economies into one massive economy!

🎵 Music By Josh Freeman
🎥 Edited By Nate Browatzke
🎨 Intro art by Juan Casini –

⚠️ This video was created for entertainment purposes ONLY! This is not financial advice. While this video does reflect my honest opinions at the time of making this video, NFT’s and all unregulated crypto assets have risk.
For business inquiries, my email address can be found on my YouTube channel’s about page here:

Thanks so much for watching this blockchain gaming video!


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  1. Also, I think hardcore gamers are afraid that NFT's will be abused by companies like EA, Activision, Ubisoft, SquareEnix. When you look at the track record of these big companies it is clear they are wolves in sheeps clothing. To them NFT's are not about players having ownership and security. It's about encouraging commodification as another way for them tax and exploit players. Just like when they did lootboxes, pay to win, microtransations, and gambling mechanics. A fun item that used to have zero scarcity in Boarderlands, or the next Souls game for example that took practice and fun to earn – will become a scarce item that gamers HAVE to purchase. … It's exploitation, even if the game is fun. Is there away for blockchain and NFT's to be developed in such a way that big companies like EA wont exploit NFTS?

  2. Games like Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox are MASSIVELY popular amongst millions 5, 6, 7 aged people. And every year millions of dollars in accounts are stolen through scams, BUT because accounts are centralized and controlled under the game creator, and because they do not hold real world value, they can sometimes they can be restored or reimbursed by the person who was scammed. Is decentralized on-chain gaming safe for kids, who can not legaIly off-ramp and therefore only care about ownership and CAN'T sell NFT's. If the answer is no, can you ever see this area improving?

  3. Sup OCG. I love the channel <3. I believe web3 and NFT the future. I would love to hear your option on the Minecraft situation. What happened should be a wake up call to wrestle with the hard stuff, to educate ourselves, and create conversations. 💪

  4. My comment keeps getting deleted. I must be triggering youtubes algo. I will just have to post multiple comments to get around this.

  5. web 3 gaming is the future. but the adoption wont come from this game. mark my words..

  6. I prefer this style for sure

  7. Duc Dai Loc Nguyen

    I have made 500$ from DeFi Warrior

  8. Instead of chasing 1000x, it may be better to look at the pioneer projects of the NFT and Metaverse ecosystem, such as Flow. There are so many opportunities.

  9. sir check sacred tails to review

  10. Check out TCG world. 4k graphics, 800sq kilometre land mass. Millions of dollars worth of virtual real eastate sold already. This is the ready player one experienc we have all been waiting for. About to become a household name.

  11. Hey man can you do a video covering VOX odyessy? Gala hasn't provided much info.

  12. 10 Billion Marketcap

  13. well, its in the ethereum chain, so, unless youre interested in the game, trading this coin is not an option

  14. ya i liked the old style

  15. 5:47

    How about letting us know how much you have made from the gifts from GALA?

    Price predictions disclamer….


  16. Cool, they give you a bunch of stuff and you show us????

    How about we get someone who is starting off like how we would????


  17. You were born for this. So good. Such a presence and really good analytics.

  18. Materium's market cap is laughable at these levels compared to the value of the nfts and other projects that have nowhere close to the same potential. By far the most undervalued crypto gaming token and arguably the one with the best utility. Mirandus' development rate has picked up a ton and they have one of the best dev teams of really any mmorpg. I am heavily invested into this game and will continue to do up until launch and well after.

  19. Satisfying Shorts

    Onchain if I have exemplars and am earning from play tests do you know if that materium is taxed in its crypto form??

  20. Back to your moonboy roots…love it…maybe we are coming out of this bear market after all

  21. Looking at The max supply and extrapolating a billion dollar marketcap for FDV is so ridiculously retarded when you have less than $5000 24 hour volume on Uniswap.

  22. this is one of the rare times I hear "not financial advice" and think, "no shit sherlock." hopium fuel 1000% but his ideas are not realistic

  23. Great News‼️‼️love the quick deep dive analysis…

  24. Can you share the breakdown of your mirandus portfolio!?

    Or at least category and percentage like land deeds = 40%